We signed up because Golden Pass would be a great company to work with and they're commited to business in the region.

Elizabeth Cravens, Owner
Mid-America Contractors, LLC
Full Service Industrial Service Provider

Local Business Initiative Impact

Golden Pass Products announced the Local Business Initiative in October 2015. The Local Business Initiative gave local businesses an opportunity to get “pre-screened” to compete for work with the proposed Golden Pass LNG export project. Businesses that successfully completed pre-screening were placed on a list for priority consideration that was presented to the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contractor. The EPC contractor referred to this list when soliciting vendors and suppliers.



Businesses from all over Texas and the United States signed up for the Local Business Initiative.


Local businesses from Jefferson County completed prescreening and are successfully enrolled.


Minority-Owned or Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) from Jefferson County are successfully enrolled.

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We signed up for a chance to help Golden Pass with its printing, promotional, and apparel needs.

Nancy Worthington, Owner
Classic Forms & Products, LLC
Distributor of Commercial & Industrial Printing & Promotional Items.


Workforce Readiness Impact

The Workforce Readiness initiative, launched in 2018, has held seven workforce readiness workshops with a total attendance of 74 and created partnerships with multiple local schools and organizations to ensure that together, we create a bright future for this area.